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Builders in Kerala - List of Builders in Kerala

Builders in Kerala

List of Builders in Kerala

Builders in kerala

Buiders in Kerala who are involved in the construction of flats, independent villa projects and commercial projects. All the major players like Abad Builders, Galaxy Homes, Jewel Homes, Skyline builders, Nagpal builders are included.

Ansal Buildwell Ltd. : http://www.ansalgroup.com
DLF Ltd. : http://www.dlf.in
Sahara India Pariwar : http://saharagracekochi.com

Abad Builders : http://www.abadbuilders.com
AC City Projects Pvt. Ltd : http://www.accity.in
Access Builders and Developers : http://www.accessbuilders.in
Ace Structures & Builders : http://www.acestructures.com
Adam Builders : http://www.adamvillas.com
Alfa Ventures : http://www.alfaventures.com
Alhind Builders : http://www.alhindbuilders.com
Alliance Construction Company: http://www.allianceconstructionco.com
Almark Housing Co. (P) Ltd (Santhi Homes) : http://www.santhihomes.com
Alpine Homes : http://www.alpinehomesindia.com
Alukkas Builders : http://www.alukkasbuilders.com
Ambady Constructions : http://www.ambadyconstructions.com
Amity Projects (India) Pvt. Ltd : http://www.amityproject.com
Amrapali Group : http://www.amrapali.in
Anna Properties : http://www.annaproperty.com
Ansal Buildwell Ltd. : http://www.ansalgroup.com
Anvita Builders Pvt Ltd. : http://www.anvitabuilder.com
Anzera Properties : http://anzeraproperties.com
Archives Constructions Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.archivesconstructions.com
Arsha Vaasthu Constructions : http://www.vaasthuconstructions.com
Artech Group Builders and Developers : http://www.artechrealtors.com
Asset Homes: http://www.assethomes.in
Aswathy Housing Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.aswathyhousing.com
Bavasons Constructions : http://www.bavasonsconstruction.com
BCG Builders : http://www.bcgbuilders.com
Bintel Constructions Pvt Ltd : http://www.bintelhomes.com
Blue Dot Constructions Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.bluedotconstructions.com
B Tech Builders : http://www.btechbuilders.com
Castle Homes : http://www.castlehomes.in
Ceeyem Builders and Appartments : http://ceeyem.in
Chakolas Habitat : http://www.chakolashabitat.net
Cheloor Property Development Projects Limited : http://www.cheloor.com
CVC Homes : http://housing.cherianvarkey.com
Condor Group LLC : http://www.thecondorgroup.com
Confident Group : http://www.confident-group.com
Coral Group : http://www.coralgroup.co.in
Cosmo Builders : www.cosmobuilder.com
Creative Builders : http://www.creativebuilders.in
Crescent Builders : http://www.crescent-builders.com
Desai Homes : http://www.desaihomes.com
Dinesh Builders : http://www.dineshbuilders.com
DLF Ltd. : http://www.dlf.in  DLF Cochin
Dream Builders : http://dreams-builder.com
Emmatty Towers : http://www.emmattyproperties.com
Empire Builders : http://www.empirebuilders.in
E V Homes : http://www.evhomes.net
Express Housing Complex Pvt Ltd : http://www.expresshousing.com
Flair Alliance Builders and Developers (India) Private LTD : http://www.flairalliance.com
Flair Home Projects Pvt. Limited : http://www.flairhomescochin.com
Forms Builders & Developers : http://www.formsbuilders.com
Fort Builders India Pvt Ltd. : http://www.fortbuilders.net
Fusion homes : http://www.fusionhomeskerala.com
Galaxy Homes : http://www.galaxyhomes.com
Galaxy builders : http://www.galaxy-builders.com
Gokulam Engineers India Pvt. Ltd : http://www.gokulam.com
Good Earth Estates: http://www.goodearthhomes.net
Grandeur Homes : http://www.grandeurhomes.net
Green Vistas Infrastructure Projects : http://www.greenvistas.net
Happy Constructions : http://www.happyconstructions.com
Harisree Builders & Developers : http://www.harisreebuilders.com
Harit Havens : http://www.harithavens.com
Heavenly Homes Pvt. Ltd : http://www.heavenlyhomeskerala.com
Heera Construction Company : http://www.heeragroup.com
Hi-Line Developers & Projects (P) Ltd. : http://hilineprojects.com
Hilite Builders : http://www.hilitebuilders.com
Holiday Group : http://www.holidaygroup.in
Holy Faith Builders & Developers : http://www.holyfaithbuilders.com
Hoysala Projects Pvt Ltd : http://www.hoysalaprojects.com
Infra Housing : http://www.infrahousing.com
Iskcon Builders & Developers : http://www.iskconbuilders.com
Jain Housing and Constructions Limited : http://www.jainhousing.com
Jairaj Designer Homes (P) Ltd : http://www.jairaj.in
Jewel Homes Pvt. Ltd : http://www.jewelhomes.net
Jomer Properties and Investments Pvt. Ltd : http://www.jomerproperties.com
Kallat Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.kallatbuilders.com
Kalpaka Builders Pvt Ltd : http://www.kalpakabuilders.com
K.P Varkey and V.S Builders : http://www.kpvandvs.in
Kallat Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.kallatbuilders.com
Kalpaka Builders Private Limited : http://www.kalpakabuilders.com
Kent Constructions Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.kentcoindia.com
KGL Builders (Korath Gulf Links Builders Pvt. Ltd.) : http://www.kglbuilders.com
Kishorekumar Gokaldas Promoters and Developers : http://www.kgbuilders.com
KPG Builders : http://www.kpgbuilders.com
Kristal Group : http://www.kristalgroup.com  
Landmark Builders : http://www.landmarkbuildersindia.com
Letaj Builders : http://www.letajbuilders.com
Lord Krishna Builders : http://www.lordkrishnabuilders.com
Maha Mandiram Constructions : http://www.mahamandiram.com
Malabar builders : http://www.malabarbuilders.net
Malayil Builders : http://www.malayilbuilders.com
Manadath Homes Pvt. Ltd : http://www.manadathhomes.com
Manjooran Housing Development Company Pvt. Ltd : http://www.manjooran.com
Mansions Properties : http://www.mansionsproperties.com
Maruti Homes : http://www.marutihomes.com
Mather Projects and Constructions Ltd : http://www.matherprojects.com
Meadow Homes Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.meadowhomes.in
Meridian Homes : http://www.themeridianhomes.com
Miczak Builders : www.miczakbuilders.com
Mir Realtors : http://www.mirrealtors.in
Mission Builders & Consultants : http://www.missionbuilds.com
Mookambika Builders : http://www.mookambikabuilders.com
Motif builders and developers (p) Ltd : http://www.motifbuilders.com
Muthoot Builders : http://www.muthootbuilders.com
My Home Villas & Apartments : http://www.myhomebuilders.in
National Builders and Developers : http://www.nationalbuilders.in
NCC Urban Infrastructure Limited. : http://www.nccurban.com
NJK Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.njkbuilders.com
Nikunjam Constructions Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.nikunjambuilders.com
Nirmiti Builders : http://www.nirmitikerala.com
Nitesh Estates Pvt. Ltd : http://www.niteshestates.com  Nitesh Estates
Noble Builders : http://www.noblehomes.co.in  
Nutech Constructions : http://www.nutechconstructions.com
Oceanus Dwellings (P) Ltd. : http://www.oceanus.co.in  Oceanus
Olive Builders : http://www.olivebuilder.com
Panjos Builders Pvt Ltd : http://www.panjos.com
Parappilly builders : http://www.parappilly.com
Pareckattil Builders : http://www.pareckattil.com
Prestige Group : http://www.prestigeconstructions.com
Pentagon Builders : http://www.pentagonbuilders.com
Pentark Builders & Developers : http://www.pentarkhomes.com
Pentium Construction Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.pentiumconstructions.in
Poorna Homes : http://poornahomes.com
Prime Property Developers : http://www.ppdindia.com
PTC Group : http://www.ptcbuilder.com
Puravankara Projects : http://www.puravankara.com
PVS Apartments : http://www.pvsapartments.com
Queens Habitats Pvt Ltd : http://www.queenshabitats.com
Raj Builders : http://www.rajbuilders.com
Rambal Builders : http://www.rambalbuilders.com
RDS Project Ltd. : http://www.rdsproject.com  
Regal Projects : http://www.teamregal.com
Relcon Properties Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.relcongroup.com
Revathy Property Management : http://www.revathyproperty.com
Rock 1 Builders & Developers : http://www.rock1builders.com
Romaa Builders : http://www.romaabuilders.com
Royal Castle Constructions : http://www.royalcastleconstructions.com
Royal Ventures : http://www.royalventures.in
Sahara India Pariwar : http://saharagracekochi.com
Santhimadom builders & developers : http://www.santhimadomdevelopers.com  Santhimadom
Scorpions Builders and Developers : http://www.scorpionsinteriors.com/scorpionbuilders.htm
Seagot Construction Co .(P)LTD : http://www.seagot.com
Seiken Properties : http://www.seikenproperties.com
Shelters Homes Properties : http://www.shelters.co.in
Shwas Homes : http://www.shwashomes.com
SI (Southern Investments) : http://www.sihomes.com
SI Property (Kerala) Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.sipkerala.com
Siddhi Homes : http://siddhihomes.com
Sivaji Builders Pvt. Ltd : http://www.sivajibuilders.com
Skyline Builders : http://www.skylinebuilders.com
Skyline Foundations and Structures : http://www.sfshomes.com
Sobha Developers : http://www.sobhadevelopers.com
Soubhagya builders : http://www.soubhagyabuilders.com
Souparnika Group : http://www.souparnikamansions.com
Southern Investments (SI) : http://www.sihomes.com
Sreerosh Properties : http://www.sreerosh.com
Sree Sky Builders : http://www.sreeskyprojects.com
SR Properties : http://www.srpropertieskerala.com
SRK Constructions : http://www.srkconstructions.com
Sterling Projects : http://www.sterlingprojects.in
Tanzeel Builders : http://www.tanzeelbuilders.com
Thrikkakara Constructions : http://www.thrikkakaraconstructions.com
Thrissur Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.thrissurbuilders.com
Tiknar Homes : http://www.tiknarhomes.com
Travancore Builders Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.travancorebuilders.com
Triade Builders : http://www.triadebuilders.com
Trinity Builders and Developers : http://trinitybuild.com  Trinity
Ultima Builders and Developers. Pvt. Ltd : http://www.ultimabuilders.in
Unidesign Builders : http://www.unidesignbuilders.com
Vijaya Living : http://www.vijayaliving.com
Vinayaka Homes : http://www.vinayakahomes.com
Vishraam Builders : http://www.vishraam.com
Viruvelil Group : http://www.viruvelil.com
Vrindhavan apartments : http://vrindhavan.com
Wexco Homes Pvt. Ltd. : http://www.wexcohomes.com
Yasoram Builders : http://www.yasoram.com
Zealots property : http://www.zealotsproperty.com

Kerala Builders Association website : http://www.keralabuildersassociation.org

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Website of Kerala Builders Forum : http://www.keralabuildersforum.org

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