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Waterproofing Solutions for Walls, Homes in india

Waterproofing Solutions


Rainy clouds are on the horizon. It is time for a roof top reconsideration. People often use tress work, in order to prepare for the arrival of rainy season. Most of them give importance to the elegance and color shade of roof. However, there are couple of other things to be taken in consideration, before roof sheet installation. Proper and systematic installation, using high quality sheets will help you to eliminate the chances of water leakage.
Water leakage is becoming a common issue among houses in Kerala. Quick climate changes and a high rate of rainfall worsen the situation. It is pretty easy to end the water leakage, with proper alleviation. Remember to cure the concrete, during house construction. It can deliver adequate strength to the entire structure.

Water proofing


Water proofing is one of the most essential and widely used techniques to block leakage. The planning and preparation for water proofing need to be completed, even before laying foundation. The main material used for water proofing is reinforced fiber. It contains some special chemicals, which will easily eliminate minute pores of leakage. There are many home care products available for water proofing. With the careful application of anti leakage chemicals, the narrow pores will be destroyed. Water proofing is not only available for roofs, but also applicable for walls. Water repellents are the main products, used to protect wall bricks and stones, to avoid moisture, algal growth, and bacterial infestation.

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